St. Dorothy Print

Saint Dorothy
Died 311
Feast Day: February 6
Patronage: horticulture; brewers; brides; florists; gardeners; midwives; newlyweds; love
This fine art portrait, printed on acid-free, 80 lb. cardstock, with archival inks, is ready to frame. The watermark will not appear on your print.
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Saint Dorothy lived in Caesarea (Turkey) during the Diocletian persecution of Christians. Legend has it, that she was ordered to sacrifice to the pagan gods and refused. On the way to her execution, a young lawyer, Theophilus, mockingly asked her for “fruits and flowers from the garden” in which she proclaimed was in heaven. A basket of fruit and flowers was delivered to her by an angel which she gave to young Theophilus, who then converted and was also martyred. That’s why she’s the patron saint of florists.

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