St. Hannah Print

Saint Hannah, Mother of Samuel
12 C. BC
Feast Day: December 9
Patronage: Childless and infertile women, and poverty
This fine art portrait, printed on acid-free free, 80 lb. cardstock, with archival inks, is ready to frame. The watermark will not appear on your print.
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Saint Hannah is an Old Testament (1st Book of Samuel) wife, whose marriage to Elkanah was barren. Even though Elkanah loved her dearly, he married Peninnah, who bore him many children. Hannah grieved bitterly and prayed fervently in the temple over her misfortune. The priest Eli learned of her story, gave her a blessing and she conceived and bore Samuel. (meaning; Asked from God, or God heard) Samuel served Eli and became one of the greatest of the Judges in the Old Testament.